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مقاله های پذیرفته شده

فهرست  مقاله‌هاي پذيرفته شده

List of papers accepted in the First Seminar on Harmonic Analysis and Applications
No. Author(s) Title
1 M. Abtahi New characterizations of maximal ideals in algebras of continuous vector-valued functions
2 F. Akhtari and R. Nasr-Isfahani Algebra involutions on certain Banach algebras related to locally compact groups
3 M. Amirfakhrian Image reconstruction by moving least squares
4 H. Amiri A semigroup associated to a topological groupoid
5 S. Arbabi, M. Dehghan and A. Nazari Classification Mercedes-Benz frames in Rn
6 A. Arefijamaal and E. Zekaee An infinite number of dual Gabor frames and some applications
7 M. S. Asgari Generalized atomic systems in Hilbert spaces
8 A. Askari Hemmat and M. Fatemidokht Sharp examples of Gramian matrices associated to dual frames
9 M. Bahmanpour and M. A. Fariborzi Araghi The use of Chebyshev wavelets to solve a first kind Fredholm integral equation
10 S. Barootkoob and H. Ebrahimi Vishki The second dual of a Banach algebra induced by a bilinear mapping
11 A. Bodaghi Various notions of module amenability for semigroup algebras
12 M. Chakoshi Representation of linking algebras
13 A. Davari, A. Ahmadi and A. Raisi Dehkordi Solving partial differential equations using Legendre polynomials
14 A. Davari and M. Ghasemi Legendre wavelets operational matrices for solving fractional differential equations


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