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مقاله های پذیرفته شده

فهرست  مقاله‌هاي پذيرفته شده

List of papers accepted in the First Seminar on Harmonic Analysis and Applications
No. Author(s) Title
43 A. Safapour and Z. Yazdani Fard Generalized Fourier transform
44 A. Sahleh and S. GrailoTanha The existence of a bounded approximate identity for module amenable semigroup algebras
45 M. Shams and N. Barghi Oskouie Group invariance and the Hunt-Stein theorem
46 M. Shams and G. Hesamian Topological transformation groups in bayes invariant estimators
47 M. Shams and A. Soleimanian A survey for statistical applications of cross-sections
48 B. Shojaee Generalized notion of character amenability
49 A. R. Soltani Inner functions as spectral density factors
50 N. Tavallaei, M. Ramezanpour and B. Olfatian Gilan Structural transition between Lp(G) and Lp(G/H)


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