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مقاله های پذیرفته شده

فهرست  مقاله‌هاي پذيرفته شده

List of papers accepted in the First Seminar on Harmonic Analysis and Applications
No. Author(s) Title
29 A. Malek and Z. Kalateh Bojdi Microscale DPL problem solving by cardinal chebyshev basis
30 M. j. Mehdipour Left multipliers of a certain group algebra
31 M. Modarres Mosadegh Ternary Banach algebra L1(S)
32 M. Mohseni Moghadam and N. Mollahasani A new operational CAS wavelet method for solving a weakly singular integral equation
33 M. Mohammadzadekarizaki and J. Farrokhi A characterization of arbitrary admissible groups
34 A. Nakhaei Amroodi and A. Zaghian A new method for solving nonlinear equations
35 R. Nasr-Isfahani and S. Soltani Renani Homological properties of Banach modules related to characters
36 M. Nemati and R. Nasr-Isfahani On character amenability and contractibility of abstract Segal algebras
37 H. Rahimi Compactification of topological extension of topological semigroups and their applications
38 R. Raisi Tousi and F. Goli Two-dimensional wavelets and applications in image analysis
39 M. Ramezanpour On amenability of actions of Lau algebras
40 M. Rashidi and M. Amini The structure of MSF wavelets on locally compact abelian groups
41 G. Sadeghi Some trace inequalities for τ–measurable operators
42 H. Saeedi Numerical solution of nonlinear mixed type fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations by operational wavelet method


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