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مقاله های پذیرفته شده

فهرست  مقاله‌هاي پذيرفته شده

List of papers accepted in the First Seminar on Harmonic Analysis and Applications
No. Author(s) Title
15 N. Eftekhari Some properties of best approximation
16 M. Essmaili and A. R. Medghalchi Various notions of amenability on semigroup algebras
17 F. Esmaeelzadeh, R.A. Kamyabi Gol and R. Raisi Tousi The range of C.W.T on G/H as a reproducing kernel Hilbert space
18 Y. Estaremi Decompositions of weighted conditional expectation type operators
19 A. Etemad A survay on harmonic Gauss map
20 A. Fereydooni and A. Safapour Characterizations of Banach pair frames
21 M. Gazor Construction of cantor type sets within a given set with positive left Haar measure
22 M. R. Ghanei and R. Nasr-Isfahani A co-multiplication for a matrix Hopf von Neumann algebra
23 A. Jabbari The topological center problem concerning the invariant algebra generated by the maps exp q(t)
24 A. Jabbari, N. Tajabadi and H. Gilani Harmonic wavelets toward the solution of the Fredholm-Volterra
25 M. T. Jahandideh An overview of harmonic analysis and its applications
26 R. Kamyabi Gol, R. Raisi Tousi and A. Razghandi Applications of frame operators in image processing
27 M. R. Koushesh The Banach algebra of continuous bounded functions with separable support
28 A. Mahmoodi The algebra of matrices over a dual Banach algebra


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